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       20thof July, China Guangdong Lions Clubs hold President Transition Ceremony in Chime long Hotel. General Manager and I attended it that day.

       The ceremony was grand, and more than 1300 people come to joined it. When the new president was assumption of duty, it was solemnity and sacred. When we show respect and gratitude to the past president, it was warm、move、happy and full of passion.

       In the ceremony, the new president Mr. Cai come up with the new theme of this year which is START FROM ME, BUILD OUR DREAM. From this years, dream become our theme, people discuss it again and again. It is people’s desire and longing for beautiful things and it is also people’s pursuit and the source of power. Everyone needs dream, it can help us to overcome all difficulties and make our wishes come true. In this society which is full of competition, if you do not have a dream, you can not live. Only you try our best, your dream will come true. I think of my dream of making my parents to have a happy life. So I am trying my best everyday to make it comes true.



       Not onlyI but also Silk Road Line has a dream——to become a best member in the modern logistics industrial. It is our all staff’s dream. So everyday we strive for it. Although we meet all kinds of difficulties, we know after all that we will build our dream.

       The happiest thing in the world is to strive for your dream. Start from me, build our dreams.

       What is yours?