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Warm welcome our Egypt customer

Createtime:2013-05-22    Publisher:admin


Warm welcome our Egyptcustomer



       Egypt, one of the four ancient civilizations, it is the first one to recognized the newChinaand it is the first Africacountry to establish diplomatic ties with us.

       Export to Egypt through Hong Kong(it’s a way of cirsumventing CIQ Line)which is one of Silk Road Company’s characteristic lines that help us attract more customers from Egypt. 17thof May, ourEgyptcustomer, Mr. Mostafa, arrived inChina. We started to prepare the appointment from March in advance. To make our customer feels comfortable as home, we carefully prepared all necessary things that Mr. Mostafa need here.

       At 9:30 am, our general manager went to hotel to pick him up and come to office together. Mr. Mostafa is very interested in our characteristic line, his company also needs this services. We explained the detail for all process, advantages of this line and why choose our company. Mr. Mostafa approved our services. Besides we answered the question that he put forward. Until 12:30 am, we finished the metting. Through the discussion, we can understand more about each other and enhance the friendship. “ Let customer be our friend” is the principle of our company.

       The next two days, our colleague Alex accompanied with Mr. Mostafa to go to all kinds of markets, includingGuangzhougift market, Zhongshan lighting marker and Shunde furniture market. These two days, Mr. Mostafa knew about the markets and visit some suppliers, he also collect some information of suppliers so that he can make order after he go back toEgypt. On 20th, we sent Mr. Mostafa to the airport. He leftChinain wormly blessing from each other.

        Mr. Mostafa was very satisfied with his trip inChina, he also gave highly appreciation to our company. To every customer, we will try our best to serve him and let him feel comfortable here. The purpose is to lay the foundation for future cooperation. We welcome every customer.