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Warm welcome our Saudi Arabia customer

Createtime:2013-04-30    Publisher:admin


Warm welcome our Saudi Arabiacustomer


       April is a busy month, Canton Fair organized in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and ExhibitionCenter. Our foreign customers also come to attend it, including Ms Mehreen. she was the first time to beChina. She wanted to find a agent to help her to do collecting and shipping. Through the introduction by her friend, she knows our company can meet her requirement. So we made an appointment in FOUR SEASONS HOTEL on 3:30 pm. We arrived at the hotel on time and meet her. She is so kind and enthusiasm. After 2 hours discussion, we established business relationship, we even made an appointment to meet again when next Canton Fair be organized of October.



       Mehreen orders goods around Chinaand collect them at one place, and then she can arrange shipping. Because she has many supplies and there is 6 hours time difference betweenChinaandSaudi Arabia. She needs us to keep in close contact with all the suppliers, besides we need to follow all the delivery date at any time and provide our warehouse to collect the good. Most important we arrange shipping for her. Because our company has a lot of operation experience like this, we are confident to provide best services for our customer. Ms Mehreen also trusts us than we can meet her requirements. It is the good beginning between us.

 Wait for our next meeting!


Customer Feedback:

        I personally come from a shipping background then ventured into my own line of Home Accessories,"Selections by Mehreen "so I'm very familiar with the phrase " anything can go wrong ! But how one handles things when all goes wrong is what sets you apart from others ,at Silk RoadChina, I witnessed how an organization can go from ordinary to extra ordinary when you need them the most.

       The combined influence of employer, employee and client has a greater impact on team work, then the influence of any one leader, I strongly believe in collective leadership, atSilk RoadI was fortunate enough to experience this. This company' s personalized service is like none other I have dealt with in the past its unique in many way it is a very friendly and highly competent organization who excel in paying attention even to the smallest details . They believe in people power, and that is what sets them apart from others; I would like to take this opportunity to extend a special thank you to Ms Connie Yang who has gone beyond her job description to provide me personalized service she is a part of an extremely qualified and immensely motivated Team . 


Good luck and my best wishes to you all 


Owner of " Selections By Mehreen "Saudi Arabia 


Name: Mehreeen Haleem