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physical therapy program in Silk Road Line

Createtime:2013-08-05    Publisher:admin


physical therapy program in Silk Road Line


        From 26th of July, our company carries out a physical therapy program for one week. We invite professional physiotherapists to make physical examination in detail and corresponding physical therapy.

Because all the staff face the computers all day andfew exercises, it makes our body appear a variety of common disease. With the help of our physiotherapists, we staff carry through diagnose and therapy one by one.



       Through the corresponding therapy, our diseases get obvious improvement. Besides we learn a lot of professional knowledge. One week is too short for therapy, but we get big harvest.


       Thanks for our physiotherapists working hard. We hope all the people do not forget that fitness is the most important. In the meantime, as you are working hard; you need to pay attention to your health.