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Fly your dream

Createtime:2013-07-24    Publisher:admin


Fly your dream



       Today I am so lucky to join a activity which was organized by Sunshine Angel of China Guangdong Lions Club. This activity is to subsidize RMB30000 to 10 poor students in Yunfu city that RMB1000 one year one people. The donation was donated by the kind-hearted people of Sunshine Angel.

       We depart on 9:30 am and after one and half hour, we enter into Yunfu city. This is the first time for me to go to Yunfu city. But it is shock to me, because it is total different from my hometown or Guangzhou. All houses are so simple and crude. All the people are black and thin. All the roads are full of dust. One villager said, here is not the poorest village in Yunfu. I can not image how the poorest one is.

       What made me impressed are the first and last families. The first family is one father who is sick and two daughters. Just entered into the door, I saw a skinny father sat one a chair. He was welcoming us. Their home is very simple. But one wall is full of certificates of merit. And the big smiles of two daughters also attracted us. When we asked the elder sister to write down her dream on our paper, she wrote to be a accountant without hesitation. Because she wants to find a good job to earn more money, her father can live a happy and better life. And the younger sister, although she said she does not know what is her dream, but I believe she is the same with her sister.




       When we enter into the door, the children were very clever to serve tea for us. Their father and mother even took a big bag of peanut for us. As the same, we asked the child we subsidized to write down her dream that to be a teacher and achieve 100% in the exam. You can image her love of study and the longing for going to school. It’s more strengthened our faith that to help them!

       This Yunfu trip makes me thinking. Around the world, there are more people need us help. Also we can do a lot of things for them. But first of all, we need to cherish the present. Then within your power, you can help those in need. That is Silk RoadLind doing.