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Company Profile

    Guangzhou Silk Road International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a class Afreight forwarder approved by the Foreign Economy and Trade Ministry PRC and aNVOCC approved by the Ministry of Transport, PRC. Guangzhou Silk Road Ltd. is alsoa member of FIATA, WIFFA, WCA, CIFA and GIFFA, and a council member of CCPITand CCOIC.


Business Scope

Silk Road Logistics Ltd. is mainly engaged in freight forwardingagent services such as ocean / air transport, Sino-HK (Hong Kong) transport,and international express, including shipping order, warehousing, transfertransport, multi-modal transport, broken carton of LCL, customs clearance,fumigation, customs declaration and settlement of freight etc.we also provide agent services such as domestic river transport,coastal container, and bulk cargo transport. 


  • As the carrier of preciousroyal cargo for Bahrain royal family, the Saudi prince, and the Danish royalfamily, our services are highly valued.
  • In 2011, as the carrier ofimported defense products for PLA General Armament Department, our serviceswere highly regarded;
  • In 2012, being awarded as “Best Integrity Service International LogisticsCompany” by Phenix Guangzhou;
  • In 2015, at the nationalcalling of “Belt and Road Initiative” and “Internet+”, Silk Road Ltd. hasactively engaged in developing “Maritime Silk Route” featured routes, innovatingcross-border E-commerce products, building online and offline combination businessmodels;
  • In 2016, conducting market survey in Malaysia,and receiving the visit of consuls of Consulate General Guangzhou, Malaysia;
  • In 2017, attending 2017 International Logistics Conference;


    Silk Road Ltd. is the contracted agent of manyworld famous shipping companies and airliners and we have long term and stablecooperation with shipping companies such as MAERSK、CMAMSCAPLOOCLCSCLCOSCOEMC, and airliners such as EKAF CXLHCZMHUPSTGOZ. 



 Corporate Responsibity

  • While making amazingachievements, Silk Road Ltd. has always bore its social responsibility in mind;
  • In 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake SiChuan province, the Silk Road Ltd. and its staff donated 35,500 CNY money and goods to the earthquake affected areas;
  • In 2013 Lushan Earthquake Si Chuan province, Silk Road Ltd.initiated the donation of Guangdong Lion Clubs;
  • In August 2015, Silk Road Ltd.staff and family members went to Gaoyuan Nursing Center, Guangzhou, visitingthe disabled abandoned orphans; 
  • In June,2016, participating in “Mid-AutumnLove”community service in Rainbow Street;

Silk Road Spirits

With the aim of providing more inclusive and diversified highquality logistics services for domestic and overseas clients, Guangzhou SilkRoad Currently focusing on third party logistics and striving hard tobecome a key player in the modern logistics industry. 

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