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First, copyright

    All contents of thiswebsite: text, graphics, LOGO, creativity, and software are owned by GuangzhouSilk Road Logistics Ltd. and the content / information provider of thiswebsite, protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. Thereproduction of all the contents of this website (collect, be combined andreassembled), the exclusive right of the Site and the protection of Chinese andinternational copyright laws. The ownership of all software used on thiswebsite is the property of Guangzhou Silk Road Logistics Ltd. and is protectedby Chinese and international copyright laws. The unique information of thissite can be reproduced by the website, and need to indicate the source.


Second, the informationrelease clause

    Guangzhou Silk Road LogisticsLtd. official website can only be used for legitimate purposes, that is, viewinformation, online consultation, user communication. Without the authorizationof this website, users are prohibited from using this site for other purposes.


Third, exemption clause

  ⑴This site does not guarantee that the free service will not be modified,interrupted, terminated, delayed, can not guarantee the absolute integrity andsecurity of user information, for users of free service is modified,interrupted, terminated, delayed and user information Loss of information, thissite does not assume any responsibility;


  (2)The authenticity, legality and accuracy of the information provided by thiswebsite are not guaranteed, and the authenticity, legality and accuracy of thecontents of other users' information shall be confirmed and borne by thevisitor. Use this information at the same time the site does not bear inaddition to their own other users to publish false information caused by theloss and responsibility.


Fourth, the modificationof the terms of service and service revision

    GuangzhouSilk Road Logistics Ltd. has the right to modify the terms of service whennecessary